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I am a guy from IL

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BLKnight of Talk Radio!

Please... No inquiries of a sexual nature. Thanks.

Father's Father- Czech Father's Mother- Poland Mother's Parents- Norway
Forgive... But NEVER Forget...Remember

Reach for the Sky Within
Dotkni se nebe
Zoek Naar de Horizon in jezelf
Atteignez pour le ciel au-dans
Strebe nach Deinem inneren Himmel
Atteindre le paradis à l'intérieur de soi
Sök i de inre rymderna
Alcance para o Céu Dentro
Giunga al Cielo In

Come Join in the search for Truth with the
Black Knight of Talk Radio... James Arthur Jancik:

No Politics... Just The Spiritual, The Paranormal
& The Sciences

Fun, Frollick and Mayheim... Listen to:
The BLKnight & Squire "G" Radio Show
w/ Jay "Capone"


I valued me by the measure of others to a void within
Driven by the vain imaginations of love to come
Rather than living in the love that is
In my failures, I find my greatest successes
From my crashes I learn to fly
The day I died, I began to live
I love.... therefore I am.
By James Arthur Jancik (c)MM